tiffin, tiffin service in koramangala

Tiffin Service in Koramangala

Dabba Delights is all about delivering home-cooked tiffin.
we offer Tiffin Service in koramangala, both Veg and Non
Veg North India cuisine.

Tiffin Service Subscription model Weekly and Monthly

Get 200 OFF on 20 Meals pack both veg and Non Veg meal.

Get 400 OFF on 30 Meals pack both Veg and Non Veg Meal.

Veg 20 meals @ 2000 get 200 off

Veg 30 meals @ 2800 get 400 off

It consists of one Veg Curry, Dry Subji, Dal, Rice, Butter Rotis 
(phulkas), salad and Sweet Dish.

Non Veg 20 meals@ 2600 get 200 Off

Non Veg 30 Meals @ 3800 get 400 off

It consist of Non Veg Curry, Dry Subji, Dal, Rice, Butter Rotis (phulkas), Salad and Sweet Dish


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